When I first established GLTCHD in 2012 I envisioned it serving as an online portfolio for my video game based writing. It was to be somewhere that I could occasionally post reviews, previews and the odd musing about games that I’ve had some genuine hands on time with.

The intention was always for the site to remain news free – after all, there’s already an infinite amount of sites and blogs constantly pushing an endless stream of press releases, sales figures and announcements of non-announcements in an attempt to scrape together content and keep those clicks coming in.

That intention remains largely unchanged,¬†however, if you’ve followed any of my posts of late you may have noticed I’ve branched out into featuring games that I haven’t played yet. That’s because I¬†really love talking and writing about games, and with GLTCHD I want to be able to cover games that I’m excited about – but more importantly, that I think you should be excited about too.

So from here on out you can expect to see more short form articles about exciting and interesting new game announcements. That way everybody wins – I get to write about cool new stuff, you get to read about it, and the developer gets an extra bit of well-deserved publicity.