I recently made the move to London, which, as it turns out is an incredibly exciting place to be for someone who is interested in video game culture and the independent development scene. There are a multitude of events, exhibitions, meet-ups and more happening throughout the city on a regular basis.

However, I’ve found that it’s not always easy to locate said events and the few that I’ve attended have been discovered through word of mouth and/or keeping a steady eye on Twitter.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a website that collected all the exciting, fun and interesting events going on in the city of London, you know, a sort of Time Out for gaming?


Last week I launched London Game Diary with Thomas Marshall, a site which we aim to make the go-to destination for gaming related events happening in the city of London.

It’s still pretty early in development and the version of the site that’s currently live is essentially just a simple list of events, but we’ve got some ideas on where we want to go with it, and a list of features we’d like to build in over the coming months.

We won’t just be sticking to video game events either; we want the site to cover all sorts of play-based events including board gaming, folk gaming, live action events and art exhibitions. We’re also aware that the indie scene in London is pretty strong, so we’ll be listing events that cater specifically to independent developers’ interests too.

It’s important to us that the site highlights the special and culturally significant goings on in the city and aim to curate the site with events that we have specifically hand-picked. Basically, we’re not interested in listing countless video game lock-ins happening down your local boozer.

So yeah, that’s pretty much London Game Diary. If you have an event you’d feel would fit on the site you can get hold of either Thomas or myself by sending an email to hello@londongamediary.com.

As for GLTCHD, I’ll still be sporadically updating the blog as usual, but you might also now find some crossover content with London Game Diary, but, more on that shortly…