For a game about badgers, the original Shelter was a surprisingly harrowing tale of one mothers struggle to keep her children alive during a journey through a wooded wilderness. While it certainly carried some emotional clout, as a game it felt under-developed, linear and suffered from some pacing issues. Thankfully, Swedish developer Might and Delight are aware of the criticisms levelled against the title and are looking to address them in follow up, Shelter 2.

Due for release later this year, Shelter 2 is setting badgers aside in favour of a pack of lynx, a move that will hopefully inject some much needed energy into the survival-sim. The inclusion of several new mechanics, such as stamina management, variety of movement and the ability to further micromanage your cubs, mean the player will have a greater variety of tactics available to them – a theme that will be further reflected in the new larger, open-world environment.

With the change in animal, comes a change in environment too – gone are the warm autumnal environs of the original, now replaced with cold hues of blue and white that emphasise the harsh, icy tundra that the lynx will inhabit. Might and Delight look to be sticking with the beautifully abstract illustrated art-direction that made the original game a real head-turner, almost as though it had been ripped straight from the pages of children’s book.

While it’s early days yet, it all sounds pretty promising – the original badger-based Shelter had massive untapped potential and it certainly looks like Might and Delight are well on their way to releasing it with Shelter 2.


Developer: Might and Delight

Format: Windows

Release Date: Autumn 2014