Benjamin Rivers’ narratively-driven horror title Home, was one of the first games I ever wrote about here on GLTCHD. This year Rivers – a man who somehow finds the time to write & illustrate graphic novels, teach at OCAD University in Toronto and develop video games - is back with another unique take on the adventure genre with newly announced “psychological-dating sim” Alone With You.

A single-player exploration game with a romantic subtext, Alone With You puts players in the space-boots of the genderless, final member of a failed terraforming project who is stranded on a distant, slowly crumbling planet with only an AI for company.

As a huge fan of Rivers’ previous game I’m really looking forward to what he does within a new genre. I’m usually not one for dating sims but I’ll admit the interesting sci-fi backdrop and the possibility of a romancing an AI has me all hot under the collar in that special Joaquin Phoenix-type of way. To top it off the early artwork in the trailer looks to perfectly capture the cold, abstract sense of being stranded in a galaxy far, far away.

Alone With You is currently in the early stages of development so no platforms or launch dates have been announced yet, although the press release mentions that the game will feature a brand-new control scheme optimised for controllers – so feel free to speculate away.


Developer: Benjamin Rivers